The company was started by three local investors and a fourth party who was a cemetery operator from South Carolina.

Leslie A. Daly, Jr. | Founder of Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Leslie A. Daly, Jr. | Founder of Evergreen Memorial Gardens

The business model that was initiated was faulty. It relied on local banks to collect the payments for the lots sold. People refused to pay the banks for what was essential a grass field that had been scrap over to gather dirt for a highway project. Within a matter of months the business model fell apart. The partners met and the three local investors brought out the cemetery operator from South Carolina. They were forced to make a number of investments to make good on obligations. By the time January 1968 rolled around, they were seeking a buyer to divest themselves of the business.

Word of a business for sale traveled to business circles in surrounding towns including Danville,VA.
A salesmen at Danville Memorial Gardens got wind that a cemetery was for sale in the nearby town of Reidsville, NC. He went investigate. After a series of negotiation benchmarks a contract was drawn up by an attorney from Martinsville, VA and the Danville cemetery salesmen, Leslie A. Daly, Jr. found himself the new owner of a start-up cemetery on U.S. Highway 158 a few miles west of the Reidsville, NC city limits, Evergreen Memory Gardens, Inc. Leslie A. Daly, Jr. had worked at Danville Memorial Gardens for seven years, since 1961. In late August of that year, Les moved his family, wife Babette, daughter Dawn and sons Gregory and Chad to Reidsville after purchasing a house inside the city limits. To date, Leslie’s family still retains ownership of the cemetery.

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